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Our programme has been designed to be able to teach all ages and abilities a wide range of aquatic skills. Below shows information on the sessions we run across our pools.

Learn to Swim ages 4-11 years

Our learn to swim programme has been designed to not only be progressive and engaging, but lots of fun too! 

Learn to Swim ages 12-15 years

Got a teenager who can't swim? No problem we will NOT allocate them to a group of little ones. Subject to demand we are able to offer these lessons within their own age group so it's a pleasant experience for them too! 

Buccaneers Baby and Pre-School (0-4 years) 

This programme is for little ones 4 years and under. It is designed to teach them to swim in a fun progressive way before entering the independent learn to swim lessons.

Swim Academies (8-16 Years)

For our advanced swimmers, we offer the opportunity to join our swim academy, which we run at some of our pools.  These are groups that focus on lifesaving skills, further advanced swimmer skills and endurance. You must be able to swim 600m continuously and display good technique to join these sessions. Children from the learn to swim programme within WJB Swim will be invited once ready.

Adult Learn to Swim (17 years +)

There is nothing embarrassing about being an adult and not being able to swim! It's never too late to learn! We have a whole range of learning opportunities across the swim school for all ages, and we will ensure that we have small groups and suitable pools for you to learn in. Most adult sessions run in the evenings but some also run in the day time. Please enquire for availability and prices.

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