Frequently asked questions

How many children are in your classes?

Our swimming lessons have just 4 children per instructor in the learn to swim programme. This means that we can focus on each child and ensure they get the most out of every lesson.

What is the Swim Academy?

Our swim academy is designed for children aged 8+ with 1000 metre + swimming certficiates. Most children in this class come out of our learn to swim programme by invitation to the swim academy. It is designed to go into more detail with the swimming strokes, lifesaving and also build stamina. Children can then progress through the higher up awards in the programme. Children in this class are set up with the skills needed to join competitive swimming clubs should they wish.

How often do children recieve awards? And what scheme do you follow?

Our swim school follows the STA international learn to swim programme. We complete awards twice a year with all children of all abilities. Awards are given out at Christmas and in the Summer.

Do your teachers teach in or out of the water?

All of our swimming teachers and their assistants (if they have one with them) teach the lessons in the water with the children. The swimming teachers teach from the side in the Swim Academy but still get into the water during these classes to demonstrate new skills and techniques.

What age do you take children from?

We take children from age 4 upwards. For children younger than this who want to start their swimming journeys please don't hesitate to contact us so we can pass you information of baby and pre-school companies we work with in the local area - who are fab!

What do children need to bring to their swimming lessons?

We recommend all children attend swimming lessons with goggles, we have built into our programme weeks where we teach them survival skills without their goggles. Swimming hats are optional, however long hair needs to be tied back. They do not require anything else other than their swimming attire and a towel. We provide the rest!

What is personal survival week?

Once every 10 weeks we invite all children in all classes to come to their lesson wearing their pyjamas. We do this to teach them essential lifesaving skills that they may need one day should they ever find themselves in danger. This week goggles are not permitted (unless they are prescription goggles). We do a lot of fun and different activities on this week, as well as reminding the children the importance of water safety.

How do I book on?

Please fill in the contact form from the contact us tab, and Will or Jo will be in contact with the information you have requested. We look forward to hearing from you.

How long does it take to learn to swim?

This is a very common question. Every child and adult develops their swimming skills at a different rate. It really doesn't matter the main thing is that they are learning. Our swim school is set up to ensure maximum learning time in every lesson, that's why we only have 4 children or adults per qualified swimming instructor. It is important to remember that there are factors where learning to swim that may delay or enhance progression. For example a preivous experience where water was involed which was bad may delay a child or adult's confidence in learning to swim. Or previous experience for example baby and pre-school swimming lessons before joining our independant classes will enhance a child's progression. Or an adult that used to swim competitively and are wanting to come back into the sport will enhance their progression. The main thing is that you are here wanting you or your child to learn and we can certainly help you with that!!


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